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Frequently Asked Questions


If you cannot find an answer to any question big or small you may have regarding our clubs do not hesitate to contact us at

Alternatively, if you are confident in booking with us and would like to ensure your child’s place is secure leave any concerns in the Additional Notes section of the booking stages and we will secure your child’s place free of charge until one of our staff is able to get in touch regarding any issues/concerns you may have.

Once concerns are resolved we will require you to pay the deposit of £50 to further secure your child’s place at our club. If after any concerns are resolved and you unfortunately will be unable to continue with your booking at our club we will not charge you and simply cancel your place at our club.

Children with special needs and disabilities are welcomed at the club after consultation between parents and staff to ensure that all needs can be met within the staff ratios that we provide. Parents should discuss any particular needs of their child with one of our Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCOs) at Central Office team at the time of booking.

Quokkas promotes good health and encourages children to lead an active lifestyle. Good hygiene practice is promoted at the club. The club provides water throughout the day and children bring their own packed lunch from home. We will also provide fresh fruit to children at break unless stated otherwise upon booking.

Children cannot be accepted at camp if they are ill. The camp holds a list of common communicable diseases and incubation periods. If a child falls ill at the club, parents will be contacted to collect the child from the club.

In hot weather, staff will remind children to apply sun cream. Parents should supply sun cream and show the child how to apply it.

Quokka Clubs aims to provide equality of opportunity for all children in our care and takes positive actions to eliminate discrimination. Quokkas is committed to the principle of equal opportunities and to ensuring it is applied to all areas of its’ operation.

Staff will be sensitive to confidential information and not discuss individual children except with the parents concerned and their line manager as required.

Bullying will not be tolerated at Quokkas. Any such behaviour will be treated seriously and staff will intervene at the earliest possible stage.

If the issue is not resolved we may have to exclude a child from the club. All parents will be required to sign our bullying policy and to pass this on to us on the first day of registration.

Quokka Clubs believe that children will do best in an atmosphere of mutual respect and encouragement where everyone knows what is expected of them. The group leaders will discuss behaviour with your children during the orientation session on their first day at camp and include a run through of the Quokkas Code of Behaviour.

We concentrate on encouraging good behaviour and ensuring children enjoy their time at camp. Staff treat children with respect, promoting an atmosphere of trust. Should the positive atmosphere of the club be compromised by disruptive or inappropriate behaviour, our staff will explain to the child why it is unacceptable. If the problem cannot be resolved, staff may have no choice but to exclude the child from the club.

Here at Quokkas we design our timetable around children who enjoy Arts & Crafts to children who enjoy Sports and being energetic. Hopefully our timetable will not clash with interests of the children but when selecting the chosen activity there will be room for parents to list any activities the child would like to try.

It is in our interest to let your child experience all the activities they want to so we will try and incorporate them in to the week, however this may not always be possible so we do advise you select the preferred activity option.

We can’t organise the weather, but we do have a wet weather programme which swings into operation at the first sign of rain. We have the British weather in the back of our minds when selecting schools and colleges to be Quokka Clubs and because our clubs are well appointed schools with excellent facilities, we can always offer a wide and varied wet weather programme. Some activities will be withdrawn in wet weather for safety reasons.

We understand that your plans can change and we want to be as flexible as possible for you, and also as fair as possible to all customers. At times there will be some restrictions, but the general rule is that changes are easier and cheaper if you contact us ASAP. Generally we cannot change the week your child attends the club unless there are open spaces available. Please see Terms & Conditions for full details.

In fairness to others we can’t accept children at camp if they’re ill. Please let us know if they have recently had an illness or condition in case they are still infectious. If a child requires medication while at the club, please supply it in a well-labelled container and sign a consent form.

If your child misses days due to illness we are only able to offer you attendance to another camp at a discounted rate depending on our guidelines set out in our Terms & Conditions.

Our refund policy is also outlined in our Terms & Conditions, but we cannot refund any payments if a cancellation is made within 10 days of the clubs start date.

We understand your concerns, but don’t worry we’re well prepared. Qualified first aiders at each club deal with accidents and illnesses. Fortunately almost everything we have to deal with are grazes on knees, stings and so on. However should a child suffer a more serious injury or fall ill at the club you will be contacted immediately.

At least two members of the Quokkas staff team at each camp will be trained to administer an Epi-Pen in an emergency situation. Parents must inform the club if their child carries an Epi-Pen.

Yes – please tell us anything we need to know about your child’s health when you make your booking e.g. diabetes, epilepsy, serious allergies etc. In some cases we may need to send you some more forms and get additional information from you regarding your child’s needs. The more information you provide us with the better care we can provide for your child.

Please specify any potential or specific medial conditions in the Additional Notes section of the booking process.

If at the end of the day, you would like to speak to the co-ordinator of your child’s group, please just ask. As long as they are still on shift they will be happy to come out to the collection area and chat with you further. If the timing does not suit your arrangements, simply ask for an appointment, we often find our staff are only too happy to boast about what their groups have been up to!

If you have a concern regarding your child you may be required to speak to the club director – this person is in charge of the overall running of the club and will do all they can to relieve your concern. But, do not worry, at Quokkas our whole planning and preparation for the club is for children to have fun and make friends, if any child does not appear to be having fun or making friends the group co-ordinator will recognise these signs and address them asap.

No – it is not necessary for children to bring any money to the club. Once registered for the day all activities are included in the price. We will provide fresh fruits and water during break times to encourage fresh eating among the younger generation but we do not provide lunch or paid-lunch.

Please ensure all of your children’s belongings are named, this makes it easier for staff to identify any lost property items and ensure that they are returned to their owner straight away. If you realise your child has misplaced an item whilst the camp is still open please contact the camp straight away and you can agree a time that is best for you to collect it. After 5:30pm we are not in control of the venue the club is held at, because of this it is safer for children to not bring valuable or sentimental items to the club.

Once the camp has closed, all lost property goes to our warehouse, if you have lost an item during Easter camp we will keep hold of the items until end of May and if you’ve lost an item during summer camp we will keep hold of the items until the end of September. Unfortunately we cannot keep any items longer than this and after these dates we donate our lost property to charity.

We strongly advise that children do not bring mobile telephones, watches, computer games, ipods and such like to the club. There is no real use for these items and they are often mislaid as children are busy and excited doing other things. Staff are trained not to put themselves in a difficult position by taking care of such items and we cannot accept responsibility if they are lost or stolen. Neither confirmation from parents or our insurance cover such items.

If it is absolutely essential your child comes to the club with a mobile telephone, we are required to hold the items in our safety box from drop off to collection. This must be declared on our essential information form and all items must be labelled in a resealable bag.

Due to health and hygiene reasons, we are unfortunately unable to allow any birthday cakes (or any other food treats) to be brought onto the club to be shared with the groups. If we are aware of a birthday within the camp week we will have a surprise prepared for the children.

For the safety of your children, we need a completed Essential Information form for every child attending the club. All essential forms will be emailed to you upon confirmation of payment. Please complete details in full, print and sign, then hand into the club on your child’s first day each season.Please note: children may not be accepted onto camp without this completed form.

Children should dress in comfortable clothing appropriate for the weather and we suggest you do not send them with new or valuable clothing or belongings. All clothing and belongings should be named.

Please provide and apply sun protection cream each morning, we ask that you show your child how to do this before they attend the club. Spray on sun lotion is a good option for younger children as the staff can do this for them and the children can then rub in themselves. Staff will remind children at break times to apply sun cream and help younger ones if needed. It is also a good idea to send a broad-brimmed hat that shades the face, neck and ears.

All children should bring a lunchbox to camp, however, as we do not have refrigeration facilities at the club, we suggest you provide a small cool bag (lunch box size) containing a frozen carton of juice or a small ice pack. This will keep the contents cold until lunchtime.

We provide any equipment necessary for all the activities, so there is no need to send your children with anything other than packed lunch and sun protection. Please ensure all clothing is named and that your child brings home all items at the end of the day. It is very difficult for us to locate lost property once children have left the club.

Our clubs price includes all activities that run during the week.

Don’t worry! your child will be well cared for until you arrive. If you’re likely to be delayed after 3:30pm, please call the club so you can let us know. We will be required to book your child into the Late Club at a cost of £3 for each session we are required to book them in for and you can pay when you collect them.

The Late Club is registered until 5.30pm. As we are only registered to care for children until 5:30pm, we are obliged to notify Children’s Services of any child still on site after this time. Any parents collecting children after 5:30pm will also incurr a charge of £5 for every 5 minutes which will be applied to their account.

The Early/Late bird sessions are open to allow children to be dropped off/picked up at more flexible times.

To make this possible we will run a bunch of fun activities during these times so children can jump in/out of the activity at any time.

Depending on the activities your child chooses to participate in your child will end the week with the following:

A box full of all their made items

Certificate for completing the Quokka Games

If your child excels over the week they could win one of our many competitions that we will be running over the week for teamwork, creativity and effort

Quokka Kids Club T-Shirt (at an extra cost of £5)

And of course, a bunch of unforgettable memories, new friends and a place they’ll want to visit year after year!

There are 5 sessions each day with a break to re-energise between activities

Two sessions a day will be a Small Activity of either a Make Your Own or a Game activity

Two sessions a day will be a Big Activity where children will work in teams on a range of activities where they will be competing with other teams

The final session of the day is for the Quokka Games, our version of the Olympics! Fun and simple activities that all children can participate in and at the end of the week be rewarded with a certificate of completion

Our basic times are as follows:

Drop off: 10am

Pick up: 3:30pm

Here at Quokkas Kids Club we understand that this may not be ideal for some working parents, so when booking your son/daughters place on our Summer Club make sure you consider our Early/Late bird options.

At an addition cost of £6 for either Early bird OR Late bird the drop off/pick up times are as follows:

Drop off: from 8:30am – 10am


Pick up: from 3:30pm – 5:30pm

If you require both Early AND Late bird drop off/pick up times this is also available at a combined cost of £10 for the week. This entitles you to the following times:

Drop off: from 8:30am – 10am

Pick up: from 3:30pm – 5:30pm

Most children do! They’re either on their own or with a sibling in another group, but our team encourage everyone to get involved from the moment they arrive. That helps them make friends and build confidence right from the start.

If your child has a friend(s) coming along to our club then that is great news and we would love to ensure they are spending the week with their friends!

A form will be available to parents to fill in up to 5 friends the child would like to be grouped with. We will do our best to ensure children will be grouped with their friends, in the unlikely circumstances that this is not possible when we are in the grouping stages of planning we will contact parents to find an alternative solution.

We aim to cater each camp to a small age range, for example aged 8-10, so all children feel they can get involved in each activity, because of this your child will be grouped at random with others of a similar age.


All children deserve to have a fun holiday! We can change what we do to suit your child, within the normal ratios. If they need a bit more support, an adult friend can join them or we’ll help you try to get 1:1 support through our excellent team of staff.

If your child has additional needs please specify this in the Additional Notes section of the booking process and someone from our team will be in touch to discuss all possibilities further. As long as we can keep your child safe during our exciting activity sessions we can generally work out the best way this can be achieved. Please be aware that some of our sites may not be suitable but we can work this out during your call.  Unfortunately, we do not have the provision to cater for children requiring intimate care.

During the school summer holidays, and some at Easter. Dates are released 8-10 months before clubs are due to run, for example:

Dates for Summer 2016 will be released in November/December 2015.