Terms & Conditions



When you book with Quokkas there’s an agreement between us. These booking conditions and the other information exchanged between us form that agreement, but no amount of words are as effective as a good, open and honest relationship – that’s what we want with you.


Your expectations should be very high, and we’ll always aim to exceed them. If things go wrong for any reason we’ll work hard to put them right - quickly and effectively. We trust you will be reasonable, honest and fair, and we promise we will be too.


  1. Payment

Payment of the deposit confirms everyone on the booking form accepts these booking conditions.


  1. Balance Payments

Balances due as follows: Summer – 1st July 2015.  If balance payments are not made by the due date we may cancel the booking and retain your deposit. Balances need to be paid by accessing your account and agreeing to pay the balance due.

Balances must be cleared before children attend club. 


  1. Debit and Credit Card Payments

There are no charges for debit cards however we do charge 2% on all credit card payments you make.


  1. Form Submission

Upon booking your place at the Quokkas Kids Club you should receive confirmation of booking. You can pay the remaining balance at any time up until 1st July 2015. Once the full balance is received you will receive all essential forms detailing what you need to do with them and when to provide us with essential forms.


Other forms are available upon request and you may be sent other required forms if we feel we need more information regarding your booking.


You will receive access to an online form to submit your children(s) chosen activities for the week from the date of booking, this can be filled out at any point up until 1st July 2015. We must have received this form by the 1st July 2015 to enable us to have all essential items for the activities ready by the week of the club. If we have not received this form by the 1st July 2015, Quokkas reserves the right to cancel your booking. Once submitted it is up to the discretion of Club Manager as to how and if changes can take place. If you would like to make changes to the chosen activities we advise you contact us as soon as possible. Changes cannot be made within 10 days or less of the first day unless made by Quokkas.


  1. Confirmation

Your invoice confirms what we think you wanted to book. Please check it, including dates and location. Responsibility for all booking details lies with the person who made the booking. Tell us within 14 days if we haven’t confirmed what you expected. We’ll change it if we can, or refund you if we can’t. After 14 days normal cancellation and booking amendment terms will apply.


  1. Changing Weeks/Days

We can change your dates, within the same operating season, providing we have spaces and you request your change at least 10 working days before your child starts the club. Dates cannot be changed once the child has attended their first day, even where the weeks/days are not consecutive or on the same booking. 


  1. Cancellations and Curtailment

Under no circumstances can the deposit be refunded unless cancellation has been made by Quokkas. Our cancellation and refund structure is as follows:


Days notice

Refund Available

60+ calendar days before first day


100% of balance

No refund of deposit amount

30 calendar days before first day


50% of balance

No refund of deposit amount

14 calendar days before first day


25% of balance

No refund of deposit amount

Less than 14 calendar days before first day

No refund available



You will only receive refunds for cancellations if you request and fill in our Cancellation & Refund form within the time scales above. Where the full balance has not yet been paid and part of a booking is cancelled, the deposit for this part will be retained and not used as part payment towards the remaining balance.


If you are Early/Late Club from your booking, as long as notification is given more than 14 days in advance of the booking start date, you will receive a refund for this.


T-Shirts are non-refundable as they are ordered specifically for your booking.


Where bank charges are made for refunds these will be deducted from the final refund amount. 


  1. Illness/Unforeseen Circumstances

Unfortunately in the event of illness and unforeseen circumstances we are only able to offer a discount to a future booking with us. We do try to do as much as we can to make these situations easier and because of this if you cancel due to illness or unforeseen circumstances we advise you fill our Illness & Unforeseen Circumstances form and we will do all we can.


During Club - Once your child has attended their first day at Quokkas in any given season.


In all cases, illness must be validated by a Doctors' note for us to offer any more than a discount to a future booking. We do not charge an administration fee but some GP practices may charge you to issue a note. Curtailments for any other reason will not be offered a chance to make up missed days or be issued a credit note or refund under any circumstances. Where bank charges are made for refunds these will be deducted from the final refund amount. 


  1. Photography/Video footage

We may take photographs and video footage at club to use for training and promotional purposes. To exclude your child we must be informed in writing before your child begins at club. Where possible, we will post photos to our social media platforms for parents to view, but please note we cannot guarantee your child will appear on these. You agree to these terms when booking is made unless you have informed us in writing.


  1. Health and Safety

In order to maintain appropriate standards of health and safety, children with certain medical or physical conditions or those who cannot demonstrate the required skill competence may not be allowed to participate in some activities. In such cases we will always provide alternative activities.


  1. Medical Information

If full information about medical or physical conditions, or behavioural matters or any other additional needs are not provided at the time of booking it may result in the child being excluded from certain activities. In such circumstances we may have to cancel the booking and no refund will be paid. All information given will be treated in complete confidence.


  1. Child Protection

Quokkas staff have a duty to respond if they suspect a child in their care may be suffering from abuse, or if a child makes a disclosure about abuse. In this event staff will contact the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board and act on their advice.


  1. Staff

Quokkas’ ratio of staff to children normally exceeds all statutory requirements. The actual ratio varies between activities, age groups and clubs.


  1. Liability

Quokkas does not accept liability for personal injury or the death of any person unless directly caused by the proven negligence of the company or its servants, in this event our liability insurance provides cover of up to £5 million.


  1. Personal Property

Quokkas will not take responsibility for the loss or damage of any items of personal property brought onto the club and neither does our insurance cover personal items. It is advised to not allow children to bring any items to club that are valuable or sentimental.


  1. Exclusions

Quokkas’ reserves the right to exclude any child for any reason at its absolute discretion, including persistent late collection. No refund will be made for days missed and no compensation will be made for any other costs or losses incurred as a result.


  1. Programme and Activities

From time to time we may need to amend our activities, services, dates and venues for reasons, within or outside our control. In these circumstances parents may choose to transfer to another Quokkas site and/or alternative dates as advertised at that time by Quokkas, subject to other conditions contained herein. Under no circumstances will there be a refund or compensation to the customer. Please note that not all activities appear on the timetable daily.


  1. Surcharge

Quokkas reserves the right to surcharge published prices if there is an increase in the rate of VAT above 20% prior to the commencement of the holiday.


  1. Policies and Procedures

Copies of Quokkas policies and procedures are held at club and Central Office and are available on request.


  1. Complaints

Quokkas’ is committed to ensuring every child has such an amazing experience they can’t wait to come back. If you or your children are not entirely satisfied with the service we provide, then we want to be the first to know. If there’s a problem while your child is still at the club we can almost always resolve it. If we hear of a problem after a child has left club we will take great care to look into the matter, but cannot change the situation after the event, so please talk to the Club Manager promptly if you have any complaints. If your child is still at club and the problem persists please contact our Customer Services Team at our Central Office. If the problem is still not resolved, please write to our Customer Services Team within 10 days of your child’s last day with us.  You can be assured that your complaint will be taken very seriously.


Refunds and compensation will only be made if Quokkas is proven to have been in breach of these terms and conditions, and it is proven further that they were not capable of remedying that breach and as a result the child was withdrawn from the club.


Data Protection

Quokkas acts as a Data Controller for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998. To process your booking we need to collect personal details about you and all the children on your booking. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have permission to pass on these details.


Additionally, we would like to hold and use some of your details for future marketing purposes, for example, sending you Quokkas promotional information.  Please let us know as soon as possible if you do not want to receive future mailings from Quokkas.


The details contained within these booking conditions were published in good faith in April 2015 for our Easter and Summer 2015 seasons.